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Artificial Turf Systems

Artificial turf fields for soccer, field hockey, and more
Artificial Turf Systems

Modern & sustainable artificial turf systems for all surfaces.

We have artificial turf systems for all surfaces per DIN, from full artificial turf to partially sand infill artificial turf up to the newest generation of rubber/sand infill artificial turf.

Artificial turf has also found its way into public and private landscaping. In these areas, we offer construction methods that include functional substructures for the most diverse customer requirements:

  • maintenance-free areas in public spaces such as traffic islands
  • difficult spots in private gardens, where natural grass has no chance
  • landscaping


Innovative technical solutions

Innovative technical solutions in usage, maintenance, and structural changes in artificial turf sports facilities enable sustainable operation of sports venues and environmentally friendly use of microplastics. Please contact us if you have any questions and let us advise you. We will find a suitable, sustainable, and cost-effective solution for your athletic grounds.

Here you can download more information about microplastics in athletic facilities:

Lösungen für das Problem mit Mikroplastik bei Kunstrasen (PDF, 4,3 MB)
Der Übeltäter ist ausgemacht und wird verbannt!? (PDF, 2,6 MB)


Synthetic turf surfaces certified according to DIN, EN, and RAL

RAL GZ 944

Artificial turf systems for outdoor athletic facilities

RAL GZ 944 / 1

Complete system artificial turf

RAL GZ 943 / 2

Elastic Layer

  • WETO ET 35
  • WETO EL 30
  • WETO EL 25
  • WETO EL 20
  • WETO EL 15
  • WETO EL 10


RAL GZ 944 / 3

Artificial turf

RAL GZ 944 / 5

System installation

RAL GZ 944 / 6

Maintenance of artificial turf systems