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Fall Protection Systems

Fall protection systems for playgrounds, recreational sports facilities, kindergartens, and more

Fall Protection Products

Individual fall protection products for all needs


We can provide tested and certified fall protection surfaces for every situation. We also have customized solutions, such as colored patterned paths.

We offer a wide range of solutions for different fall heights, surface requirements, from synthetic flooring to artificial turf, from the substructure of the in-situ construction method to ready-made material. These systems are also RAL quality controlled. All fall protection surfaces are tested by the ISP Institut für Sportstättenprüfung according to DIN EN 1177:2008 of the European standard for shock-absorbing playground floors for safety requirements and inspection procedures.

Our certified fall protection surfaces are ideal to be used under playground equipment in public and private spaces. They can also be used as a design element due to the various color schemes. We also offer cork fall protection as a sustainable and environmentally friendly option.


Synthetic Sports Surfaces certified according to DIN, EN, und RAL

  • WETO 2SF 1.3 total thickness: 40 mm fall height: 1,3 m
  • WETO 2SF 1.5 total thickness: 50 mm fall height: 1,5 m
  • WETO 2SF 2.0 total thickness: 72 mm fall height: 2,0 m
  • WETO 2SF 2.2 total thickness: 95 mm fall height: 2,2 m
  • WETO 2SF 2.4 total thickness: 98 mm fall height: 2,4 m
  • WETO 2SF 2.6 total thickness: 131 mm fall height: 2,6 m
  • WETO 2SF 3.3 total thickness: 130 mm fall height: 3,3 m
  • WETO 2SF 1.5 (cork) total thickness: 50 mm fall height: 1,5 m
  • WETO 2SF 2.2 (cork) total thickness: 90 mm fall height: 2,2 m