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Maintenance and Care

Excellent service for your sports facilities

Maintenance and Care

We can support you for the lifetime of your athletic field.

We support our customers and their athletic facilities for its lifetime once installed. For this purpose, we have a fleet of machines, which are tailored to the different sports surface systems. Experienced specialists in three service teams take care of the maintenance and if necessary, can carry out repairs at the same time.

The maintenance teams are specialized in artificial turf systems (infilled/unfilled), synthetic surface systems, and natural turf systems. The proximity to our customers enables us to be on-site quickly. The replacement of sports surfaces, repairs, and basic maintenance are part of our everyday business. They are carried out with special technology in a gentle and environmentally friendly manner throughout Northern Germany.

Artificial Turf Fields

Artificial turf fields can be used intensively and all year round. The higher the demand for lasting, optimal playing characteristics is, the more important proper maintenance and care are. Since maintenance contributes significantly to the lifespan of artificial turf, it should be carried out regularly and carefully according to the manufacturer’s instructions. A longer lifespan plays a major role in increasing cost efficiency. It is true, however, that insufficient, but also excessive maintenance and wrong care will damage the artificial turf.

  • Regular brushing loosens up the infill and thus has to be replaced less often
  • Regular cleaning removes fiber debris (solution for microplastics)

Synthetic Surface systems

Intensive cleaning
An intensive deep cleaning should be carried out annually if the synthetic surface is heavily soiled. Otherwise, it should be carried out every 3 to 5 years, depending on the degree of soiling. The following methods can be used depending on the type of surface:

High-pressure cleaning / Rotating suction method
This cleaning must be carried out deep into the pores and streak-free. Special care must be taken to avoid overgrowth of the edges from adjacent vegetation areas.

Repairs become necessary if the surface coating/sealing/granulation is worn, the color of the marking lines is scuffed, the coating is detached, damage (cuts, cracks, holes) to the synthetic surface is visible. By regular inspection of the synthetic surfaces, any damages can be detected and repaired early on.

Natural Turf Restoration

Fast and cost-effective execution of high-quality restoration and maintenance services on natural turf fields.

Sports turf surfaces require professional, continuous maintenance to maintain their optimal sports and protective qualities. In addition to mowing, fertilizing, and watering, this also includes detaching, brushing, aerating, loosening, sanding, and reseeding.


For worn out and damaged tracks we offer retopping as a professional solution. Retopping allows old surfaces to be technically and optically renewed and thus restore the optimal conditions for training and competitions. This is an option for both water-permeable and water-impermeable surfaces. Retopping is an extremely economical and sustainable solution to renovate synthetic surfaces.